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Selected news/press/events related to The Exchange switchboard synths.

09 December 2016
Issue Project Room
, Brooklyn, NY

Excited to have been chosen as a 2017 Artist In Resident at the beautiful
Issue Project Room. I will research electronics/electro-acoustics/archival telephone network recordings and the idea of sounds in silent spaces (in the air, between the wires, within mental states), culminating in a series of performances and a workshop. Information about myself and the other residents HERE


14 September 2016
Roulette, Brooklyn, NY
Very honored to perform on the bill with synth pioneer and "Diva of the Diode" Suzanne Ciani! I will do a solo and then a duo performance with Electric Indigo to open the night. This will be Suzanne's first performance in NYC in 30 years.


25 August 2016
The Drawing Center, New York City
The convening of three artists that bring obsolete technologies to the foreground. I perform with composer Lea Bertucci in tandem with art exhibition of "rescued" speaker grilles by Gabriel de la Mora.


18-29 May 2016
12:00 - 18:00 daily
I installed my switchboard synthesizers, including new additions
that house modified Moog circuits, inside the Carrack gallery in Durham,
NC in conjunction with MoogFest, 19-22 April. A dream come true! For
special performance and workshop appearances, refer to the MoogFest website.



23 May 2016
Lovely article / interview by The Creator's Project about The Exchange, composition, influence, and approaches to multidisciplinary work.

antenes creators project


23 April 2016
Performance within Accelerationism-themed art exhibit Low-Grade Euphoria, alongside zither player/meditation leader Laraaji and Jon Shapiro of
Datagarden. Pfizer Building, Brooklyn NY. Thanks to Sanna Nadews for the invitation.



15 April 2016

Thanks to Oberlin College's Timara Program for having me do a student talk and spend
some time with their vintage synths, including this gorgeous Buchla! Also thanks to
The Sco for the accompanying DJ gig on the 16th.


12 October 2015

Thanks to the University of Colorado - Boulder and its Atlas Theatre for having me
perform - such an interesting Q and A / conversation with students afterwards too!


1-8 October 2015
Here are some stills from recent artist residency at Signal Culture in Owego, NY. When there, I had a chance to integrate my own DIY synths with their one of a kind analog video manipulation tools such as the Wobbulator, pictured below. I will be preparing and sharing the footage in a special A/V series, coming soon!

antenes signal culture

antenes signal culture


15 July 2015
Performance with Daniel Neumann from the center of installation "Within The Glow of A Breathing Sphere" at Fridman Gallery, NYC.


Antenes: an additional project of mine that explores evolving, shifting textures and interlocking percussive synth patches. Debut vinyl 12" EP has been released in Spring 2015 on Long Island Electrical Systems (L.I.E.S.)

Per Boomkat: "Antenes debuts a striking sound...abstract sound sculpture...muscular bass shapes and sparking percussion"

Purchase the EP on Juno and other record stores worldwide


25 February 2015

Performance and synth101 talk (also with Patrick Cain)
Sound on Sound series hosted by Squeaky Wheel in Buffalo, NY
Thank you! Elegant and excellent theatre-style space


9 June 2014

5.1 Surround installation
Harvestworks Digital Media Center in NYC, June 27-29 [event link]

"Meridian7 presents Intercept Tone/Vacant Level, a multi-channel audio installation inspired by archival recordings of the electromagnetic terrain that captivated early telephone network explorers."
read more about it here

Low lighting and comfortable seating. Come and dream...

5 May 2014

Preparing a talk and synth demo at the Kitchen. Saturday May 10th, 1pm. Free! Info below

Organized by Molly Smith in collaboration with The Kitchen, Women's Synth Workshop is the first event in a continuing series focused on inspiring women to learn about the technical aspects and ideas behind modular synthesis and experimental electronic music. Led by various prominent women in the field—including Alice Cohen, Rose Kallal, Delia Gonzalez, Lori Napoleon, Abby Echiverri, and Liz Wendelbo. The event will feature daytime discussions, lectures, and interactive demonstrations before transitioning to performances. Floor model synthesizers will be provided by the Williamsburg synth shop Control.

Schedule of events:

12:00 – 12:15: Introduction
12:15 – 1:00: Abby Echiverri
1:00 – 1:45: Lori Napoleon
1:45 – 2:15: Open Synth Play
2:15 – 3:00: Liz Wendelbo
3:00 – 4:00: Delia Gonzalez, Alice Cohen, Rose Kalal, Camilla Padgitt
4:15 – 5:00: Open Synth Play

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 18 December 2013

December issue of The Wire, MERIDIAN7 pictured above with fellow synth enthusiast/builder Brian Dewan of Dewanatron. Playing the mighty Swarmatron ribbon controlled synth.


18 November 2013

I Dream Of Wires Modular Synth Documentary
MERIDIAN7 featured in I Dream Of Wires, a comprehensive documentary devoted to "exploring the history, demise and resurgence of the ultimate electronic music machine — the MODULAR SYNTHESIZER."
For more info and to order DVD or Blu-Ray, go to:

23 September 2013
23:00 and one quarter

MERIDIAN7 Sonic Visitation / ambient soundtrack created for
Beaconsfield Contemporary Arts during Open House London, 21-22 September, preluding Beaconsfield's upcoming Soundtrap IV commission. Two soundtracks were composed, intended to breathe and meld with the architecture of the former school room (upper space) and Victorian train viaduct (lower space)
Open House London
MERIDIAN7 Installation at Beaconsfield
Upper Space - Girls' wing of former Lambeth Ragged School: Installation view

MERIDIAN7 Installation at Beaconsfield
Lower Space - Victorian train viaduct: Installation view

6 July 2013

Control Voltage Fair, NYC
Live Performance (as Antenes) of handmade modulars
"Control Voltage is New York City’s annual fair dedicated to celebrating the modular synthesizer. Synth makers and distributors share their creations by day, inviting audiences to see, hear, touch, and talk about the modular synth. Musicians perform at night celebrating technology, invention, community, creativity."
antenes control voltage fair

control voltage fair

control voltage fair

5 June 2013

MERIDIAN7 performs work-in-progress Vacant Level/Intercept tone at the Church of all Nations, as part of New York Electronic Arts Festival, organized by
Harvestworks Digital Media Center.
Live set at Church of all Nations [photo by Phillip Stearns]
Featuring new modules: comb filter,ring mod, distortion, voice changer
Detail new modules, and microcassette of 1970's DIY telecom field recordings


18 July 2012

MERIDIAN7 Video Phone MERIDIAN7 granted 2012-2013 New Works Residency at Harvestworks Digital Media Center, supporting the research and construction of new switchboard synth modules and performance inspired by early telecommunications-related field recordings. Thank you from the Central Office Operator MEridian7!

17 July 2012
11:03 and three quarters

Signaling Distant Switchboard…connection established